Master of All Trades = Google Master of None!

in Local SEO SEO

It's a common problem especially with new businesses. You want everything you do and everything you can do to be out there in the public eye. But consider this. If I can't look at your website and determine what one thing you do well, neither can Google! Niche marketing a necessary small business strategy. Understand what you do really well and market that! Don't go after the larger competition with everything they do. Go after the one thing you know you can beat them up on!

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Google More Local Than You Might Think

in Local SEO Google

There's no question that a lot of changes happened related to Google searches last year with PANDA and other updates. Some of these changes were quite subtle and very far reaching. How Google intuitively handles local search is a great example.

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The Yellow Cat's Call To Action

in Local SEO Content

Why would someone rummage through the yellow pages? Because they are looking for something they need. Or more precisely, they're looking for something they need to spend money on. So, should you pay attention to this stuff you hear about search engine optimization, making your website more engaging, drawing the customer in. Really? If I need a plumber, I'm not spending time reading your blog about the best toilet friendly toilet paper.

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Why Yellow Cats Hate To Blog

in Local SEO Blogging

Most Yellow Cats hate to blog. Why can't we just have the marketing like the old days! Get listed in the Yellow Pages. Advertise in the services section of the newspaper. And if you really want to go all out, fork out some extra bucks for an enhanced listing in the Yellow Pages, quarter page to full page ads. These are not cheap mind you but they must've worked because you wouldn't pay for something unless you got results. Right? Wow - already off subject. But in a really whiny voice say - "But whyyyy - why do I have to blog?"

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50 Bubbles Launch

in Local SEO Progress

Remember Herman Cain? It wasn't that long ago that the press completely destroyed this guy...but what made him famous was his 9-9-9 plan. Lesson - make it easy to understand. Keep it simple. The message will resonate.

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