Google Optimization - What Color Hat Are You Wearing?

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Google wants organic. Businesses don't have time to wait for that. So, SEO firms are hired to expedite the "organic" growth of a website. Well, then, that's not organic anymore right? Well, sort of. Few businesses make it without some form of marketing effort especially when starting up. Google wants to encourage honest hyperlinking. Not every hyperlink is honest. What used to be considered "white-hat" SEO is quickly becoming "black-hat" SEO. Here's how to know the difference.

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Be Your Own Tech Support And Lose Your Mind

in SEO Design Small Business

You might think that you are saving money by fixing your own computers or even doing your own search engine optimization. But let's take that concept a step further into reality...

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It's Getting Harder To Cheat And Easier To Win

in Content SEO Linking

Linking strategies have long been the base of many SEO firms. And for good worked? The landscape is changing and that can be good news and bad news.

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Master of All Trades = Google Master of None!

in Local SEO SEO

It's a common problem especially with new businesses. You want everything you do and everything you can do to be out there in the public eye. But consider this. If I can't look at your website and determine what one thing you do well, neither can Google! Niche marketing a necessary small business strategy. Understand what you do really well and market that! Don't go after the larger competition with everything they do. Go after the one thing you know you can beat them up on!

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Think You Can Keep Up With Google?

in Google SEO

I've said it many times to clients, don't try to game the system. You might get some short term gains but in the end, you'll get caught. It's not like the internet police will put you in jail but you're gonna think that's where your website is if you don't play by the rules. In the end it has been and always will be about good, authoritative content, easy navigation, informative inbound and outbound links and common sense.

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If I Were a Search Engine

in Pay Per Click SEO SERPS

We know Google’s algorithm changes daily. Some insist that the reason is so no-one becomes complacent with their rankings. A well run business demands a predictable environment. However, an excellent business in today’s market must also know how to deal with change. Google is part of that changing landscape. By maintaining a modest pay-per-click account, any business can hedge their bets against the less than predictable changes in the Google landscape. But let’s give Google the benefit of the doubt and assume that their changes are evolving to a more quality driven search.

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