Website Maintenance Services Dayton Ohio

Website Management Website Maintenance

Web maintenance should be part of your evolving marketing strategy. It's not about just having a website, it's about managing a website marketing strategy. The guys who are beating the local competition are monitoring their web analytics weekly if not daily. They are changing and updating their websites at least weekly. I know, you don't have time for that... but if you don't do it, your website risks falling into oblivion.

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Best Local SEO Companies Dayton Ohio

Local SEO Directories Citations

We have the same beef you do. When a directory appears above your website for local products and services, it can be a little unnerving. We fair pretty well in said directory (first in the unpaid listings), why would Google give a non-business preference in a Google search for an actual business? The answer is in the search request.

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Google Knows You're Lying!

Google MAPS

Google MAPS allows you the opportunity to state your business service area by indicating zip codes or perhaps radius from the business' primary location. Many businesses will extend this range in an attempt to show up in searches that they would like to do business but really don't actually do a lot of business. Does the tactic of telling Google that your service area is bigger than it actually is in practice work?

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Website Design Dayton Ohio

Web Design

Website design has evolved dramatically over the years. When we entered the market back in 2003 Microsoft was selling FRONTPAGE and everyone with a copy became their own defacto self web designer and companies were even launched using the product to develop websites for customers.

Competing in the market of "Web Design" for entry level companies was daunting simply because of the amount of competition. Everyone thought because they had a copy of Frontpage, or Dreamweaver and a number of other boxed website software solutions that they qualified as "web designer". And quite frankly some of them were excellent. The problem for the consumer who needed a website however was who to pick? Often it came down to knowing a friend or relative who dabbled... and that was "good enough". Certainly the price was right.

So, we were always competing against your "wife's cousin, Frank who knows how to build a website". How did 50Bubbles survive in this environment? Design was a commodity. That was obvious. If you have to compete on price, there is always someone out there that could beat yours. Yet when we spoke to the client, we were getting their attention.

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Google Reviews and Ranking

Reputation Management Google Reviews

We all want good reviews but how do they really affect ranking on Google? Here's a run-down of what you should know about Google reviews.

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How To Create A "Review Us On Google" Link

Reputation Management Google My Business Google Reviews

Asking for reviews is not that difficult but you don't want to make it hard for your client to go through the process. Follow this simple procedure to get your review link on Google.

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Gif Your Blog - Oh... And Merry Christmas


Motion is a natural attractor to the eye... it's part of our DNA. Use it to create move visual appeal and attract people to your posts. Just taking this moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas. For a free repository of pretty decent animated gif images read on... (these ones are free!).

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What If Google Were a Social Media Site?

facebook social media Google My Business

Do you think Facebook will be the last best social media site? Where is Facebook weak? How about Facebook for business. As Facebook for business is really picking up steam, do you think Google will just sit there and let it happen? I never even thought to ask that question until I went to Google today and typed in my own business in a search. Google has a way of introducing things that sneak up on you. You know they're seething over the fact that nobody actually uses Google+. So what might they do about that?

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Digital Marketing - For Google Ranking

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing has become the general term for all services associated with internet based marketing services. I'm a little old school and only recently have been referring to the scope of what 50Bubbles offers as "Digital Marketing". If you check out my previous blog, you'll see a general overview of what we consider digital marketing services. Why am I writing this particular blog? Google Ranking of course!

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Digital Marketing Dayton Ohio

Digital marketing

Digital marketing covers a lot of turf in the online marketing world. Which digital marketing strategies should you be using? Well, this is a good place to start to understand what you'll be dealing with.

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