Blog First - Then Post

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If your social media bears the fruit then your RSS should be the root. Hey! I just made that up! If you haven't read my last three or four blogs you might consider it. Those blogs got me on the first page of Google with very little effort. They show what I wanted to rank for and how. That's not to say it was easy, there's a bit of planning on the front end that allows this to happen over and over again.

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Web Design Dayton Ohio

Web Design Web Development

If you Google "Web Design Dayton Ohio" you get presented a ton of choices. Are you really any further along in your quest than before you started? Well, I guess you have some companies to pick from and most can show you a gallery of sites they've done but beyond that, what should you be getting with web design?

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Why You Get Different Results On Google


Every SEO agency has them and I'm no exception. The incessant if not obsessive micro searcher. We all do it to some extent. So why are the reports that I deliver not consistent with what you're getting in your own search results? Well... It's not me - it's YOU!

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50Bubbles #1 SEO Agency Dayton Ohio

Local SEO Blogging SEO

Ok, that's a bit of a parody. I'm not really into self-aggrandizement but I do want to make a point. About I month ago I found a search term in Google webmaster tools that I should be ranking better for: "SEO Agency Dayton Ohio". This is the third blog after a little over a month of simple SEO / blogging and testing. Here is the final result.

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The SEO Value Of Blogging

Local SEO SEO Organic Search

I almost forgot about this! Toward the end of July I blogged about ranking for SEO Agency Dayton Ohio. I wasn't quite making it to the first page and wanted to fix that. I tell my clients all the time that blogging is the answer if done correctly. Did I have to eat my words? You be the judge!

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SEO Agency Dayton Ohio

Local SEO SEO Organic Search

Today, according to webmaster tools, I rank "almost" on the first page of Google for SEO Agency Dayton Ohio. This blog is a Walk-Your-Talk example of how to fix that!

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Google Business Page Finally Becoming Useful!

Google My Business

It seems over the past couple of years that Google has diminished the local business assets that attracted small local businesses to Google in the first place. Up until recently, the Google My Business page was nothing but a directory for Google MAPS and the only thing that you could enter was Name, Address, Phone Number and Business Category. Oh.. and a few pictures. Things are changing!

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Turning Discount Selling into Profitable Business

Marketing Automation Advertising

Many of my clients use Reach Magazine to generate leads through active discounts. It’s not a bad tactic and deal shopping, even of the paper variety, is far from dead! Online discount selling is also a major advertising tactic through the likes of Groupon, Living Social and even Google and Facebook pay per click ads. Without a strategy, this can very quickly turn into a lot of business that generates little or no profit. The “spaghetti at the wall” approach to discount selling is almost never the right strategy unless you’re just trying to unload inventory that is just otherwise taking up space. Here’s a list of key tactics that can help you turn a discount sales campaign into a long-term profitable and repeatable business strategy.

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The Search Engine Squeeze!


Feeling left out lately?
You’re not alone. Your competition for placement on the first page of search results is getting stiffer. Your direct competitors are getting better at SEO. The local directories like BBB, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Home Advisor are gaining more prominence. Ad space is increasing for both Adwords and now even in the Google MAPS Local listings.
It’s not going to get any easier! Here’s what you need to be doing.

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THREE Essential Tools Your Website Is Probably Missing

Email Marketing Sales Funnels Marketing Automation Digital marketing

Perhaps because the small business owner is NOT a digital marketer, the necessary elements of effective internet marketing are not well utilized. The evolution of website maturity starts with "I need a good website". Then the realization sets in that a good website doesn't matter without traffic. Most businesses understand the need for ranking on the major search engines. That's the focus of most small businesses relative to their website today. It's not enough!

What happens when you've gone through these two stages? You've got a great website (by that I mean it represents your brand, is attractive and highlights your products and services). And let's say you're also pretty well positioned in the search engines. You're getting quite a number of hits to your website but you realize that those visitors aren't necessarily turning into customers. That realization is the difference between you and the digital marketer.

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